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"Growth and comfort can't coexist."

Ben, a passionate advocate of clean energy, joined Everlast Energy in January 2023, bringing a background in Environmental Tech and a strong drive to help families save money. With OSHA 10 certification and diverse experience in hazmat work, standby safety, medical emergencies, and emergency retrieval, Ben is a versatile professional with expertise in risk management. 

His unwavering enthusiasm, adaptability, and innovative thinking make him a valuable contributor to Everlast Energy’s mission. With a genuine commitment to positive impact and a strong work ethic, Ben is integral to the company’s continued success. 

Hobbies & Interests

    - Live music
    - Gardening
    - Hiking

Favorite Sport & Team

    - Red Sox // Patriots

Community Involvement

    - South Britain Congregational Church
    - Habitat for Humanity


    - Cat // Nox
Ben Swanson

Ben Swanson

Solar Consultant

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