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"At Everlast, we believe in helping families achieve their energy independence through the power of solar. By making the switch to solar, we can create a brighter, cleaner future for ourselves and for generations to come."

With an extensive background in both electrical work and the solar industry, Charlie brings a plethora of diversified knowledge and experience to his leadership role at Everlast Energy. Some of his many certifications include Home Improvement Sales, OSHA 30, and he has also completed his industrial, commercial, and residential electrician certification. His broad knowledge and experience enable him to see the big picture and make informed decisions that drive the success of the company. 

Prior to joining Everlast Energy, Charlie has held various roles that have enriched his knowledge and skills in the field. He served as an Assistant Project Manager at Vitabuilt Design Group, where he gained valuable experience in overseeing and coordinating solar projects. As an Electrical Apprentice at AB Electric & Security LLC, Charlie honed his technical skills and developed a strong foundation in electrical work. 

Charlie also served as an installer and Equipment Manager at Momentum Solar, where he gained hands-on experience in installing and maintaining solar equipment. His meticulous attention to detail and commitment to quality work ensure the smooth operation of solar systems. Additionally, Charlie worked as an Electrician at Champion Electric, further enhancing his expertise in electrical installation and repairs. Charlie is not only an asset in terms of skill, but his positive attitude and infectious enthusiasm keeps the whole team eager and excited to work since his start with the company in May of 2022.

Hobbies & Interests

    - Music (Beatles, Pink Floyd) - Politics
    - International affairs

Favorite Sport & Team

    - Snowboarding

Community Involvement

    - Connecticut Food Pantry


    - Dog // Benji
    - Cat // Haze
Charles Keeley

Charles Keeley

Sales Manager

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