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"Growth and comfort do not coexist."

Colin Jenkins, hailing from Wolcott, CT, is a highly valued Solar Consultant at Everlast Energy, where he brings a wealth of experience from years of working in door-to-door sales. With a dynamic background in sales and customer-oriented roles, Colin joined Everlast Energy in June 2023, eager to make a significant impact in the renewable energy industry.

Having honed his sales skills and gained a deep understanding of customer needs during his time at Ecoshield as a Pest Control Door-to-Door Sales representative in New Jersey, Colin's ability to connect with clients and provide tailored solutions sets him apart as a Solar Consultant.

Beyond his successful door-to-door sales career, Colin has also excelled in the hospitality industry, showcasing his adaptability and excellent customer service skills as a bartender and server at Cava restaurant in Southington. Additionally, his tenure at The Platt Brothers, a manufacturing company in Waterbury, reflects his versatility and commitment to excellence in various professional settings.

As a Solar Consultant at Everlast Energy, Colin's enthusiasm for sustainability and the environment is evident in his dedication to helping individuals and communities embrace renewable energy solutions. Providing exceptional customer service and transparent guidance, Colin ensures that clients have all the information they need to make informed decisions about adopting solar energy.

Colin's journey at Everlast Energy perfectly aligns with the company's commitment to assembling a team of individuals who share the vision of revolutionizing the way people access and utilize renewable energy sources. With his proven sales expertise and genuine passion for making a positive impact, Colin is poised to contribute significantly to Everlast Energy's mission.

With Colin's dedication, experience, and commitment to sustainability, Everlast Energy is well-positioned to drive the adoption of renewable energy solutions and empower individuals to take control of their energy consumption for a greener and more sustainable future.

Hobbies & Interests

    - Cook
    - Host Events
    - Helping others

Favorite Sport & Team

    - Football // Patriots

Community Involvement

    - Special Olympics Skiing Coach at Mount Southington


    - Dog // Mia

Colin Jenkins

Colin Jenkins

Solar Consultant

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