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"If anyone can, Alcan"

Everett is a highly skilled professional who brings a unique blend of intelligence and positivity to his role at Everlast Energy. With a charming smile and exceptional conversational skills, he excels at building lasting relationships with customers, creating a strong foundation of trust and loyalty. 

Everett holds a home improvement sales certificate, showcasing his expertise in the field. He has also gained valuable experience working with his mother's septic company, where he familiarized himself with various office tasks at an early stage of his career, honing his organizational and administrative skills. 

While studying English in College, Everett realized that he was not getting the desired outcome from his chosen field. However, he proactively pursued other opportunities to expand his skill set. He worked as a server in Burlington for two years, acquiring invaluable customer service skills and enhancing his ability to cater to diverse customer service needs.

Hobbies & Interests

    - Creative Storytelling
    - Sports
    - Family

Favorite Sport & Team

    - Baseball // Yankees

Community Involvement

    - St. Joseph’s Center
    - Elderly Services


    - Dog // Arthur Dyne
Everett Alcan

Everett Alcan

Assistant Sales Manager

(203) 581-0136

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