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"A goal is a dream with a deadline."

In Thompson, CT, Hayley LaBrecque serves as a dedicated Solar Consultant at Everlast Energy, where she works diligently to guide clients towards adopting sustainable and renewable energy solutions. Hayley holds an Associate's degree in Psychology, providing her with a deep understanding of human behavior, which she effectively utilizes in her current role.

Before joining Everlast Energy in June 2023, Hayley accumulated a range of professional experiences that have honed her skills and knowledge. She served as an Appliance Sales Specialist at Manny’s Appliance, enhancing her sales acumen. Additionally, her roles as a Delivery Coordinator and Back-End Manager at Lowe’s, as well as a Manager for Marketsource, overseeing a branch, have provided her with extensive managerial and logistical expertise.

Hayley's diverse background allows her to approach solar consulting with a unique perspective. She understands that transitioning to renewable energy is not just a technical shift but also a behavioral one, and she strives to guide clients in making informed decisions that benefit both the environment and their individual needs.

At Everlast Energy, transparency and client satisfaction are paramount. Hayley, with her dedication to these principles, ensures that each client receives tailor-made solutions that best fit their specific needs. She believes in the transformative power of renewable energy and is dedicated to steering more individuals and organizations towards this sustainable path.

Aligned with Everlast Energy's vision, Hayley is committed to facilitating a shift to greener and more efficient energy solutions. Her dedication to her role, combined with her expertise and understanding of human psychology, ensures that clients receive top-notch service and guidance. As part of the Everlast Energy team, Hayley LaBrecque is set on paving the way for a brighter, more sustainable future for everyone.

Hobbies & Interests

    - Music
    - Gaming
    - Literature

Favorite Sport & Team

    - Soccer // FCB

Community Involvement

    - Veterans of Foreign Wars


    - Dog // Nico
Hayley LaBrecque

Hayley LaBrecque

Solar Consultant

(860) 382-8781

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