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"Crafting the future, one installation at a time, with dedication to precision, safety, and sustainable innovation."

In Enfield, CT, Jim Bartlett holds the esteemed position of Chief Installation Officer at Everlast Energy, having joined the team in January 2023. With an impressive background spanning over three decades in the electrical field, Jim is an E1 Master Electrician, a testament to his unparalleled expertise and commitment to the craft.

His journey in the renewable energy sector commenced in 2020 when he began specializing in solar installations. A fervent advocate for continuous learning and professional growth, Jim boasts an array of certifications, making him a formidable asset to the Everlast team. He is Enphase certified, reflecting his proficiency in solar microinverter solutions. Additionally, his OSHA 10 certification underscores his dedication to safety standards and protocols.

Jim's prowess extends beyond just solar, as he is also Kohler Generator certified, signifying his competence in backup power solutions. Furthermore, his certification in Fujitsu heat bulbs amplifies his diverse skill set, emphasizing his holistic approach to energy solutions.

Under Jim's leadership, Everlast Energy's installation processes are not just about implementing renewable energy solutions, but about ensuring they are done with precision, safety, and the highest level of expertise.

Hobbies & Interests

    - Family
    - Travel
    - Cooking

Hobbies & Interests

    - Football // Patriots

Hobbies & Interests

    - New Haven Soup Kitchen

Hobbies & Interests

Jim Bartlett

Jim Bartlett

Chief Installation Officer

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