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To be successful, you must do things that unsuccessful people would not be willing to do.

Regan is a diligent Solar Consultant at Everlast Energy, leveraging his background in psychology and diverse work experience. With roles as a residential counselor at the Institute of Living, a junior underwriter at Bank of America, and a production manager at Correlation Productions, Regan brings versatility and valuable skills to his role. 

His quick learning abilities, unwavering focus, and constant smile contribute to his success. Regan's understanding of human behavior, coupled with his attention to detail, allows him to provide tailored solutions to clients. His strong interpersonal skills and problem-solving abilities further enhance his ability to deliver exceptional service. As a Solar Consultant, Regan ensures clients receive accurate guidance and comprehensive support throughout their solar journey. 

Hobbies & Interests

    - Cars
    - Music
    - Travel

Favorite Sport & Team

    - Hockey // The Whalers

Community Involvement

    - St. James Rocky Hill Service Group


    - Dog // Rudy
    - Dog // Clarice
Regan Blardo

Regan Blardo

Solar Consultant

(860) 815-7122

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