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"Take control of your energy future and own your power with affordable and sustainable solar solutions."

Tyler is a valuable member of the Everlast Energy team, having joined the company as one of its early employees. With a wealth of experience in the service industry, including bartending and serving, Tyler has developed exceptional people skills, effective communication abilities, and a passion for providing value to his customers. His calm and trustworthy demeanor, combined with his constant willingness to learn and expand his knowledge, make him a valuable asset to Everlast Energy. 

With his unique experience, dedication to sustainable energy, and kind, reassuring demeanor, Tyler plays a vital role in the success of Everlast Energy. His genuine passion for helping others save money and his ability to foster strong relationships contribute to the company’s growth and solidify its position as a leader in the industry. Tyler is a necessary piece of the puzzle, driving Everlast Energy toward a sustainable and prosperous future. 

Hobbies & Interests

    - Sports
    - Going out with friends
    - Cooking

Favorite Sport & Team

    - Football // Patriots

Community Involvement

    - Special Olympics


    - Dog // Reggie
Tyler Staples

Tyler Staples

Solar Consultant

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