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Own Your Power


We put our families first, and make it normal to talk to a human face to face. 

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About Everlast Energy

The family experience,
done right. 

With over 30 years of collective experience in the solar industry, we have seen it done right, and we have seen it done wrong. Everlast Energy brings a unique family experience to the field, that challenges the old adage of sales. We are informative, educational, and break down options from top to bottom leaving our families with no questions besides how do I help my friends.

Everlast Energy

Predictable Billing

It's time to stop guessing what your electric bill will be each month.

Solar systems replace your electric bill with a lower fixed cost, that never increases.

In times of increasing cost on essential items, it's imperative to lock in any expenses you can, and plan for your future.

How Can We Help You?


Commercial Solar


Residential Solar


Battery and EV Chargers

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Impacting Your Community, One Panel at a Time

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Everlast Energy

Veteran's Discount

Our company is proud to offer a special discount for solar panel installations to veterans and active-duty military members. We believe in supporting those who have served our country and providing them with affordable access to renewable energy solutions.


What Makes Us Different?

How Much Money Can You Save?

Solar energy is the future and before you know it, the whole country will be powered by renewable energy. But the utility companies are continually fighting to end residential net metering and leave us at the mercy of the monopoly... yet again. Fill out the form below, and one of our representatives will contact you to discuss your energy needs, incentives and tax credits you may qualify for, and market forces at play that might put a stop to the option of owning your own electricity. 

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