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Client Success Stories

Curious about the experience of having a solar installation at your home or office? Contemplating solar energy for your family? Discover firsthand accounts from our satisfied customers about the true benefits of investing in clean, local, and affordable solar power.


Sean Roche

North Grafton, MA   |   Tech Salesman   |   Installed Nov. 22, 2022

​The biggest factor that helped me choose Everlast is the confidence and trust that I had in them to make sure that they were giving me the right equipment, the right size, the right price, and that they were taking care of us throughout the entire system process. 

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Alex Pina

North Grafton, MA   |   Eversource Engineer   |   Installed Sept. 21, 2022

​Everlast didn't shy away from answering my questions, even if they didn't have an immediate answer. They would admit it and promise to follow up. That honesty and transparency is what made me choose Everlast over other companies.

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Alireza Ebadi &
Yassamin Heidari

North Grafton, MA   |   Professor & Engineer   |   Installed August 30, 2022

​Everlast was the best deal among all the companies we contacted. They were friendly, approachable, and knowledgeable. Unlike other companies, they didn't push us or withhold information. They even encouraged us to shop around and supported us throughout the entire process. 

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